Middle Tennessee’s Backyard Builders

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1. Home improvements raise the property value.

It’s estimated that you can increase the value of your up by up to 80% of the cost for the garage in the first 10 years. However, the Nashville market is hot- homes, like those presented by Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston, are going for higher than ever. So increasing the property value of your home now, based on the current market you can cover costs if you were to sell same day! So whether you sell in 2 years or 10 you’re guaranteed to make money off of any home improvements.

2. Best way to invest your money and make a high return.

Want to invest your money in something that makes a guaranteed return?  Home values in Middle Tennessee increased by 12.4% according to the Tennessee realtor association in 2021. Most 401K Investments return around 8-10%. So put your money in something that is very profitable instead of letting it sit in a bank account.

3. Middle Tennessee is seeing consistent growth, and home values continue to rise.

Middle Tennessee is growing by roughly 100 people per day; by the year 2040, the area is projected to have almost 3 million residents. This is all thanks to the region’s variety of industries, thriving economy, and acclaimed school system. Middle Tennessee has stellar business conditions for savvy entrepreneurs and classic Southern charm, making it the perfect place to work, live, and even start a new business. So when you go to sell there’s no doubt that you’ll find someone to buy your home quickly, especially with the assistance of I Buy Pueblo Houses, who specialize in fast house sales.

4. Instead of buying a decreasing asset like a car, put that into your home value!

Most people won’t hesitate to buy new cars for around $40-$50k. The minute you drive that vehicle off the lot you start losing value. Building a new garage, pool house, or expanding our outdoor living space is similar in price and will return your value in the long run. Plus you get to enjoy it!

5. Only build new structures by licensed & insured contractors.

Even if your second cousin promise to build you a project for cheaper- you will be sacrificing quality. Also in Tennesee, you need building permits to establish that you follow up-to-date building codes. We spend nearly $30,000.00 A year in insurance, bonds, licenses, and permits, to run our business!

6. Look for experience and expertise when hiring a team.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and our staff has 150 years of combined experience. We build approximately 100 new buildings every year. Our team at Affordable Building Concepts are experts at what they do on a daily basis.

7. Look for a contractor that treats their clients with respect.

Not every contractor will care about you personally. However, at Affordable Building Concepts we take pride in building relationships and getting things done on time and for what we quoted. We value good communication and making sure each customer is satisfied with our work.

8. Make sure there is value behind where your money goes.

Other Builders:

  • Want money up front for materials that never showed up
  • Pour slabs with no footings or rebar
  • Start jobs and get reported by the city for breaking codes
  • Frame decks with 2×6 joints instead of 2×8 – resulting in a sagging floor
  • Suding clients for on-site injuries
  • Walk away from a job

Affordable Building Concepts:

  • We finish all jobs using proper materials and technique 
  • Use up-to-date techniques to build your structure to code
  • Communicate with client about any issues as they arise
  • Wants to make every customer happy!
  • Doesn’t take payments upfront

9. Building materials keep increasing in price, don’t wait to start your project.

You’ve probably noticed increasing prices with lumber. However, playing Russian roulette and waiting around for prices to decrease could really cost you in the long run. Typically goods and services never decrease in price due to inflation. Book your project before more time passes!

10. Make sure you follow these guidelines when choosing a contractor

 Whether you buy from us or not, for your protection as a consumer do the following:

  • Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded  and insured 
  • Ask for a copy of insurance as a holder 
  • Ask for references and check them
  • Avoid giving money upfront 
  • Make sure you get a clear and detailed estimate
  • Make sure you have a signed contract
  • Make sure the contract has a clearly defined payment schedule 
  • Make sure the contractor has a clear record with the BBB and contractor licensing board

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all projects.

If you’re looking for a contractor that abides by all of the key points mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call Affordable Building Concepts. We guarantee all of our services and know you’ll love working with our team.


Let us assist in planning, permitting, and building your next home improvement project!