OSB or oriented strand board is a very common building material these days for garage builders Nashville. OSB is made by using waterproof resins and glues that are pressed together under very high pressure to create a structural sheeting that is universally accepted by codes. Since the product is manufactured from strands of wooden chips ,it does not require large old growth tree harvesting and is seen as a very environmentally friendly product. The resins used in the manufacturing process make this product less likely to warp and more resistant to rot if exposed to moisture. Here you can learn if you can you mix paint with epoxy if needed. There have been some misconceptions regarding this product, I assure you this is not the wafer board of your grandfather’s day when they were garage builders Nashville. The old wafer board as it was called when exposed to moisture had a tendency to delaminate.OSB has come along way since those days and is considered by many contractors one of the best material advances in the last 25 years. For some great information on this product visit the OSB guide website pages
http://osbguide.tecotested.com/manufacturing manufacturing description
http://osbguide.tecotested.com/osbtour visual of manufacturing process
http://osbguide.tecotested.com/osbvideo video presentation of manufacturing

The video is excellent!!!