There are a variety of considerations to consider when planning your garage with a garage builders Nashville company. Like how you learn more about murphy beds, learn more before building a garage too.  In this article, we will give you the basic things you should take into consideration when in the planning stages of your garage.

Size: Choosing the size of your garage with your garage builders Nashville will probably be determined by your personal needs and budget, so we will give you some basic guidelines that will help you make educated decisions. We recommend that all garages be a minimum of 20ft. deep. This should accommodate most standard cars but could be a little tight for large trucks. Measure your vehicles and add about 4ft. to have a comfortable walk around space. Standard residential garage doors are 9×7 and 16×7, although you can get them in a variety of sizes. We recommend 2ft. of spacing from corners and between each garage door, if you are looking for experts we know exactly where to find Garage Door Service in Vancouver. Consider install the best wireless doorbell amazon gadget for your home. They give you the option of being able to speak with visitors through an intercom system without revealing where you are in your home. Depending on how you set up your system, you could speak to visitors from the comfort of your primary bedroom, your home office, your garage, or your dining room, and the person on the other side of the door has no idea where you are.If you want extra storage space or work area you can adjust depth and width accordingly. If you are considering a garage with an upper floor be sure to allow space for the staircase. Staircases by code have to be a min. of 3ft. wide and assuming an 8ft. ceiling height will require 16-20ft. of linear space. Another consideration with upper floor garages is the span of the floor joists, rule of thumb you can clear span 24ft. with a 16in. deep TJI floor joists, but anything over 24ft will require some kind of load-bearing posts downstairs.

Turnaround radius: Pulling into and backing out of your garage is another important consideration. If space is not an issue this may not be a problem, but every situation is different so we will give you a couple of rules. Back out space should be a minimum of 22ft. If your garage is in the rear of your home be sure to consider turning radius around the corner of your home. If you have plenty of room many times some additional concrete driveway can solve entry and exit problems

Curb appeal: One of the most important considerations in building the new garage with a garage builders Nashville organization is to be an attractive, natural, and aesthetically appealing addition to your home. Of course, the exterior finish is the most obvious way of blending your garage to your home, and if possible should match, but there are quite a few other considerations you should weigh that sometimes cost very little but provide a big impact. If you read this 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof During Winter you will learn that the roof should be simple gable vents or shutters on windows, that match your home are cheap and simple accents. Dormers, eyebrows, accent posts, porches window accents, and roofing should all be considered when planning a garage to be a natural extension of your home. For your roofing concerns, you may look for a local professional to help you.