ABC offers full service design , planning , permitting and construction of

Barndominiums and Homestead Homes.

Why Build with ABC:

A) Built on Your Site
B) Carried to Any Completion State
C) Endless Options
D) Help with Design
E) Help with Permitting
F) Complete Construction
G) Reasonable Price per Square Foot

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Fixer Upper Barndominium

What are Bardominiums and Homestead homes?

They basically custom-built homes. Barndominiums have become the rage recently, they originated from the conversion of a pole barn or post and beam construction and are generally thought of as metal buildings. There are some problems with taking a post and beam-constructed building and converting it into a living space. First insulating, and venting come to mind. Pole barn construction 6×6 posts are set about 8 – 10ft on center and trusses 5ft on center with perlins run perpendicular to attach the metal. If you wish to insulate for heating and cooling purposes, and future wall and ceiling finishes you must add studs between the post trusses. The second problem comes from the fact most pole barns are almost always built with no overhangs which prevent proper ventilation through the roof system after the insulation is installed. Another problem comes when trying to secure a construction loan or mortgage. At ABC we have solved both these issues and designed a more efficient, code-friendly and structurally sound version while also keeping our price /sq. ft. reasonable.

Here is our specs:

a) 20” wide x 12” deep footers
b) 2 runs ½” rebar in perimeter footings
c) 4” gravel base
d) 6 mil poly moisture barriers
e) 4” 3500 psi
fiber concrete
f) smooth finish
g) rebar in footings
h) 1/2” anchor bolts

a) 7/16 osb backing
b) bubble wrap moisture barrier
d) 29 ga. Metal siding
e) metal vented soffits
f) choice of colors

a) customized to customers wishes

a) pressure-treated bottom plates drilled and bolted
b) 2×6 wall studs 16” oc (8’wall height)
c) double top plates
d) truss roof 6/12 pitch 2ft. w/ lite attic
e) 20’ ridge vent
f) 1’ boxed overhangs
i) 2×6 fascia
j) 2x8double headers
k)bubble wrap insulation
l) 2×6 perlins approx. 3ft oc on roof
m) 2×4 wall perlins approx. 3ft oc

a) all building permits
b) all code inspections
c) 10 -year workmanship warranty
d) backfill and cleanup
e) removal and disposal of excess materials and trash