When your storage options are running slim and you need more space, our assortment of multi-functional sheds and outdoor storage buildings provide that additional storage you need and for the moving services, removals chelmsford are the best professionals in the business. Sheds come in many colors, sizes and styles, along with a variety of options and accessories that allow you to customize them to suit your taste. No matter what type of outdoor storage you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at The Home Depot.

Size Matters
Storage is coveted in almost every household, as your outdoor garages, basements and work areas quickly become crowded. You need something that’s big enough to securely hold your off-season items and lawn and garden tools. Before buying, consider the size and how you intend to use your storage shed.

We have a large selection of small garden sheds that are just right for your hoses and yard supplies. Need something even smaller? We also have deck boxes capable of holding up to 600 gallons. Medium garden sheds range in size up to 8×10 ft and can accommodate a riding mower and still leave room for trash cans and other supplies. Our large sheds measure 10×10 or 10×12 feet and larger. These storage sheds are large enough to store all your various power equipment, and still have room to spare.

Make it Last
Your region’s weather will help you determine the kind of material your shed should be made of. If it rains often where you live or the temperature is high year-round, consider the shed material. You want something that’s going to last. Most sheds storage will be made of either plastic, resin, wood or metal.

Plastic sheds and resin sheds are a popular option for outdoor storage, because they’re easy to assemble and do not require much cleaning. In a hotter region, purchasing a plastic shed with UV protected technology will help to prevent fading.

Metal and steel sheds are extremely durable and affordable. To prevent significant rusting and keep this type of shed long-lasting, install your shed away from heavy water flow and add insulation.

We offer a wide range of customizable wood sheds. Their design and sturdy frames can withstand the harshest winds and hot weather elements. For maintenance, be sure to use insect-resistant wood or red cedar wood to avoid termites and other creatures that could cause damage.

He Shed, She Shed
Get away from it all in your own backyard. You can make your shed a relaxing extension of your home or create a workshop with just a few simple DIY upgrades or custom additions.

Renew your energy in a comforting She Shed that has all the features of an oasis, like comfortable seating and French doors. Extend your man cave into a He Shed complete with unique add-ons that reinforce fun, family and friends in the outdoors.

Organization and comfort matters for your new storage space or backyard retreat. Make use of otherwise unused space with lightweight, heavy-duty shelves. Shed hooks and racks will also help keep your shed organized. For added comfort, consider installing windows and vents. They not only provide natural light, but also allow for better air circulation.