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Whether you are looking to expand your current garage or create an entirely new structure we are your best choice here at Affordable Building Concepts, we can even help you out with your garage door repair needs, we the best garage door services. We see garages become storage units more often than not, forcing you to leave your vehicles outside in the elements. This can cause damage to your vehicles and frustration as you are just simply needing more space! There are many different solutions when you are having issues with enough storage but expanding or building a new garage is absolutely a great option . When you call us as your garage builders Lebanon TN we will come out and give you a free estimate. Listen to all of your concerns and ideas before designing the perfect solution for you. We understand that a new garage can be quite an investment and typically something that you have been wanting to do for sometime. This is why we take time to focus on the details of your project and to hear all of your needs from the job. When it comes to a project like this we know that it can seem like a hassle, however with several decades in the industry we can build your garage in great time and have you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Pole Barns

Pole Barns

At Affordable Building Concepts, one of the most common purchases that get ordered through us is pole barns. That is because we are not just garage builders Lebanon TN but our services and expertise goes much further than that! We often see that pole barns are most people’s best solutions when it comes to needing additional storage. That is because pole barns can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. We often see pole barns are a medium to large structure that acts as storage for additional recreational or work vehicles. Giving your boat, four wheelers, or lawn mowers a place to be stored safely without having to cut into the space of your garage. Often times people reach out to us as garage builders Lebanon TN thinking that they just need to expand the garage but then realize that a separate option is a better choice. This gives you the opportunity to have a structure erupted that is the exact solution and size that you are needing. You are then able to keep your daily vehicles and items close at hand while also keeping your recreational vehicles available as well. The best thing to do if you are unsure of what exactly you are needing is by calling us so that we can hear your exact needs and give you a plan customized to those needs. We will walk you through all the many designs and options that are available therefore creating a solution that is perfect for you.

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Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Pole Barns
Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Storage Sheds

Storage Sheds

If a pole barn seems like too much space but you are still looking for garage builders Lebanon TN to help solve your storage problems then a storage shed might be the best solution for you! A storage shed is as simple as it sounds but can be unique designed to serve your needs in the best way possible, we can even take care of your residential garage door installation. Whether you are needing a shed to store pool equipment, a place to keep your gardening tools, or are looking for a storage solution that you don’t have to rent a storage shed is for you! Storage sheds are normally one of the cheaper options when it comes to storage solutions and can be a great addition to your outdoor space. We love getting creative with the style of storage sheds that we build, where we are able to give the customer not just a solution to their storage needs but also a beautiful little shed that is nestled perfectly in their backyard. One of the best things about being garage builders Lebanon TN is getting to solve your storage needs while also getting to design something that you love. Give us a call so that we can get you scheduled!

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Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Decks & Fencing

Decks & Fencing

While we are at your home creating your ideal storage solution we also provide for you a great opportunity to utilize us to transform your entire backyard while we are there! Even though we consider ourselves garage builders Lebanon TN we also are experts in most to all construction projects. We are extremely passionate about serving our customers and believe that being able to fully transform your backyard is truly the best way that we can serve you. We understand that finding a contractor you can trust can be a challenge and once you’ve found one it makes life a lot easier if they can then be your go to company. At Affordable Building Concepts we desire to earn that title as your best choice for all your storage facilities and backyard building needs. After you are finished building your garage or storage shed we would love for you to go ahead and embark on that privacy fence you’ve always wanted. Take full advantage of all that we have to offer as garage builders Lebanon TN, don’t forget that we can even help you with your garage door replacement needs. 

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Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Decks & Fencing
Garage Builders Lebanon TN | Services - Carports


Sometimes expanding your garage is not an option or the best option for you but you are still wanting extra coverage for your vehicles. That is why as garage builders Lebanon TN we often find ourselves creating carports for out customers as cheap solutions that save space while also being able to give your vehicles that extra layer of protection. We understand that carports might seem like a dated item or an eye sore but we challenge that with modern designs! When added a garage is not an option we encourage you to reach out to us to be able to explore all the other options that are out there to provide a solution to your storage problems. While a carport is not necessarily a garage, you will want to find a garage builder Lebanon TN to build one for you. This will allow you to provide more protection for additional vehicles or give you an opportunity to use the garage as storage while also protecting your cars.

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